Pop-up Fruit Cages


“Seen here the pop-up is protecting redcurrants from birds, after that it can protect the brassicas against cabbage whites and pigeons, and throughout the year it can keep the rabbits at bay.”

Pop-up Fruit and Veg Cages with 4mm netting
Price: £ See below (Includes VAT)

A fantastic new range of easy to use, portable pop-up cages for the protection of vegetables, fruit, shrubs, seedlings or potted plants anywhere in the garden. Simply pop up in seconds for immediate use. Complete with all necessary components and bag, can be easily folded *** and stored when not required.

    Packed Components:
  • Pop-up netted cage.
  • Steel ground pegs.
  • Storage bag.
  • Self-assembling spring steel frame creates an almost instant cage with no tools or experience needed. Simple pop-up technology.
  • Stores in space saving bag when not in use, freeing up garden space.
  • Built to last, requires no maintenance.
  • Large zipped entrance allows easy access to crops.
  • Can be used independently or with a Raised Bed.
  • Suitable for any size of garden, allotment or raised bed system.
    Material Spec:
  • Woven 4mm PE net mesh
  • Coated steel frame
  • Coated steel pegs
  • Woven polypropylene storage bag.

*** “Can be easily folded” are the words of the manufacturer. Here at Wells & Winter we found these nets extraordinarily difficult to fold back into their bag – but you may be cleverer than us! In the event you struggle it is not really a problem since they easily collapse down into the size of one side and of minimal thickness so take little space to store.

Need help putting your cage away? Click here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SsTM3g8xf7s

“Please note that as of 6th July 2018 we are out of stock of many of the popular sizes of Pop Up Cages. Some new supplies have arrived this week but some sizes are not now expected expected until the fourth week in July/first week in August so, in the interim, if you are thinking of buying one of these cages to keep those pesky birds off your soft fruit etc. please call us to check up-to-date availability.”

Pop-up Fruit Cages

To order, make your selection below then choose quantity.

GPN100-10   Half Size (Growbag) Low Pop Up   100 x 50 x 75   13.99   
GPN100-02   Low Net Pop Up (with door)   100 x 100 x 75   26.99   
GPN125-02   Low Net Pop Up (with door)   125 x 125 x 75   30.99   
GPN100-05   Medium Net Pop Up (with door)   100 x 100 x 125   32.99   
GPN125-05   Medium Net Pop Up (with door)   125 x 125 x 125   35.49   
GPN100-08   High Net Pop Up (with door)   100 x 100 x 185   39.99   
GPN125-08   High Net Pop Up (with door)   125 x 125 x 185   40.99   
GPN100-50   Low Double Pop Up Net (with doors)   200 x 100 x 75   43.99   
GPN125-50   Low Double Pop Up Net (with doors)   250 x 125 x 75   56.99   
GPN100-51   Medium Double Pop Up Net (with doors)   200 x 100 x 135   49.99   
GPN125-51   Medium Double Pop Up Net (with doors)   250 x 125 x 135   59.99