PS10  Push In Small - 10cm  
(16.01.17 new product id - old id P4)


Push In Small - 10cm

Face Width: 1.4cm/0.5in

Face Height: 10.3cm/4in

Traditional plastic plant label to push in, but also with a hole for hanging or tying on to a branch or stake etc.

This label is currently available in eleven colours - Black, White, Violet, Orange, Purple, Pink, Mid Green, Blue, Yellow, Red and Sage Green. Sage Green is exclusive to Wells & Winter and blends in superbly in the garden.

The different colours are useful for colour coding your seedlings.

All these labels, which are made in the UK, have a slightly rough to the touch feel. This helps the writing 'grip' better than on the shiny labels available from others.

You can mark these labels with pencil or felt tip.

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