AS15  Push In Aluminium Large - 15cm  
(February 17 new product id - old id A1)


Push In Aluminium Large - 15cm

Stem Length: 5.0 cm/2.0 in

Stem Width: Tapered

Face Width: 1.7 cm/0.6 in

Face Height: 10.0 cm/4.0 in

6 inch/15 cm Anodised Aluminium Label (0.5mm thick) made for us in Devon. A matt finish which is easy to write on with indelible pen, pencil or graphite stick. The pointed stem can be bent around the plant and pushed through the hole to form a hang on label.

Very durable labels at an unbeatable price.

See also product SA1 - second quality version of this label - but frequently out of stock so not available or displaying on website.


Box of 100: €39.10    Individual: €0.45    


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