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Flexi Tie

NEW NEW - AUGUST 2016 - 2.5mm Flexi-Tie now available in Green (and still available in Brown)

FLEXI-TIE SOFT AND STRETCHY BROWN or GREEN COLOURED GARDEN TIE that is KIND to your plants! ( we also sell the thicker 6.0mm [good for smallish trees and bigger shrubs] - see separate product Flexi-Tie Wide)
FLEXI-TIE expands as the plant or tree grows and will always lie flat against the stem. Being soft, FLEXI-TIE does not cut in or strangle but is strong, frost-proof and re-usable. It holds a knot, which will not slip, but is easy to tie and untie.

WEIGHT: 250gms
LENGTH: 59m approx
COLOURS: Brown or Green

WEIGHT: 250gms
LENGTH: 35m approx
COLOUR: Brown only

Whilst versatile, we suggest 2.5mm for herbaceous, annuals and smaller veg and 3.5mm for anything bigger up to small tree size - but don't get too hung up on this as this is one case where size is not everything. You can always go round the plant another time.

FLEXI-TIE makes a great present for a gardener - easy to pack and post


Box of 3: €20.28    Individual: €7.40    

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