FT  Flexi-Tie 250 grams  


Flexi-Tie 250 grams

NOTE: 2.5mm Flexi-Tie available in both Green and Brown

FLEXI-TIE SOFT AND STRETCHY BROWN COLOURED GARDEN TIE that is KIND to your plants! ( we also sell the thicker 6.0mm [good for smallish trees and bigger shrubs] - see separate product Flexi-Tie Wide)
FLEXI-TIE expands as the plant or tree grows and will always lie flat against the stem. Being soft, FLEXI-TIE does not cut in or strangle but is strong, frost-proof and re-usable. It holds a knot, which will not slip, but is easy to tie and untie.

WEIGHT: 250gms
LENGTH: 59m approx

WEIGHT: 250gms
LENGTH: 35m approx
COLOUR: Brown only

Whilst versatile, we suggest 2.5mm for herbaceous, annuals and smaller veg and 3.5mm for anything bigger up to small tree size - but don't get too hung up on this as this is one case where size is not everything. You can always go round the plant another time. Image here shows 3.5mm.

Good for hanging labels on trees, shrubs, posts etc.

FLEXI-TIE makes a great present for a gardener - easy to pack and post


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