CW8  Push In Copper Wide Face Small  


Push In Copper Wide Face Small

Stem Length: 8.5 cm / 3.35 in

Stem Width: Tapered

Face Width: 8.5 cm / 2.28 in

Face Height: 2.4 cm / 0.94 in

Pictured from L to R: CW8, CH9 & CW10

* A small scale version of CW10 - face width and height of CW8 are at widest points of the useable writing area

* We can supply blanks or labels engraved to your instructions (see labelling extras) or can be written on or stamped with letter punches.

* Timeless, traditional and extremely durable copper metal plant labels

* Just look simply wonderful - if in doubt send GBP 2.00 for a sample

* Over time the copper will dull down and possibly attract a covering of verdi-gris

* The uppermost CW8 is blank, the lower marked with tape from a labelling machine - almost impossible to read in this picture but that is a function of our photographic skills (or lack of them).

* We are aware of a "trick" that may speed the formation of verdi-gris. You will need to call us to discuss this.

NB NB NB - CW10, CW8 & CH9 are made from thicker copper than CH11 and so are not suitable for DIY embossing.


Box of 10: €35.40    Individual: €3.84    

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