M6  Wax Crayon (also known as a chinagraph or glasochrom pencil)  


Wax Crayon (also known as a chinagraph or glasochrom pencil)

Wax crayons from Germany - will write on all of our labels and will not wash off in the rain etc. However the writing may fade in sunlight overtime but we haven't been using them for long enough to know.

Can be cleaned off shiny surfaces with a bit of "elbow grease" and washing up liquid but difficult to remove from surfaces with a rough finish.

Do not store in direct sunshine or very hot places as this can affect the "lead". Not a problem once applied to a label but we await a long hot British summer to really test this.

NB due to photographic limitations the writing on the aluminium & copper labels look faint. To the human eye the black writing on this label is as clear as on the other labels.


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