VGS  Vegetable Growers Gift Set  


Vegetable Growers Gift Set

Help the veg grower in your life remember where she/he has sown his/her seeds and whether it's Cabbage Hispi or Cabbage Greyhound and so on that will be on the dining table in a few weeks time.

This useful little set contains everything to help get going with growing:
30 White PS20 8inch/20cm plant labels
30 White PS10 4inch/10cm plant labels
1 Black M1 indelible label marker
5 Small green petal cane tops CTC
5 Large green petal cane tops CTC
100 Paper covered twist ties

All these products then fit neatly inside:
1 Outer decorative gardener's tin

The outer tin is a very convenient and easy shape for gift wrapping and posting - approx dimensions 9.5in/24cm x 4in/10cm x 1.5in/3.8cm

Price:   £11.50


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