DP101  Tungsten Sharpener from Darlac of the UK  


Tungsten Sharpener from Darlac of the UK

Put the edge back on your blunt tools with this handy little tungsten sharpener.

A few strokes along the blade - perhaps as few as 2 or 3 - will restore an edge to its keenest.

Suitable for garden tools such as secateurs shears etc and also household knives and scissors.

Once finished fits neatly in a pocket and so readily available for a re-sharpen when clipping hedges and so on. Also contains an integral oil wiper and reservoir for the enthusiasts who take special care of their tools.

Marvellous little gadget ....


Box of 3: Original Price: $20.96  Sale Price: $20.32

  Individual: Original Price: $12.07  Sale Price: $7.62

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