SF350R  Showa Thornmaster 350R Gardening Gloves  


Showa Thornmaster 350R Gardening Gloves

A seamless cotton polyester glove with a nitrile coated palm, one of the toughest of gloves the THORNMASTER 350R is a must when working where there is a cut risk or if extra protection is needed.

Add these to your armoury of gloves to give yourself protection when dealing with the thorny side of plant life!

AS OF JULY 2018 EXTRA LARGE THORNMASTERS are available in clearance at a vastly reduced price. Go to'Specials' followed by 'Clearance'.

In the context of these gloves "Individual" in the drop down quantity menu below means a complete pair of gloves - ie a right and left hand.


Box of 3: £20.75    Individual: £7.50    

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