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Fruit Protecting Sleeves

Fed up with the birds eating all your top fruit?

We have a cherry tree here and have just enjoyed our first ever cherries after 11 years. Up till now the blackbirds and others have had the lot as the tree is far too big to net.

HOWEVER this year we protected a few branches with the easy to fit fleece sleeves which we made ourselves. Hey presto - some cherries for us but the higher up ones left for the birds. They tasted delicious - the cherries that is - not the birds!

Next year we will protect many more branches.

The material is formed into a tube shape open at both ends - diameter 470mm approx of length 1.2m. When the birds start to show an interest (or preferably just before!) simply slide the tubes along some branches and loosely knot round the ends with string tied with a bow.

To pick your fruit simply untie the bow and retie after picking. Once the fruit is finished remove the sleeve and store until next year.

Suitable for plums, cherries, apples, pears, figs etc


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