GSK-ALT  Aluminium Tubes  


Aluminium Tubes

Made from the highest quality materials, our 1.0 mm thick aluminium tubes are coated green for extra life and are drawn to the correct sizes to suit our Build-a-Balls. Vertical legs are 16mm (5/8") diameter for extra strength to support the cages; Horizontal arms are 12.65mm diameter. Available in packs of 4.


GSK1775P horizontal tube 12.65mm x 1.0m (4) - £8.99 (4)
GSK1704P horizontal tube 12.65mm x 1.25m (4) - £12.65 (4)
GSK1702P vertical tube 16mm x 0.625m (4) - £6.99 (4)
GSK1703P vertical tube 16mm x 1.25m (4) - £11.99 (4)
GSK1921P vertical tube 16mm x 1.875m (4) - £25.99 (4)

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