PE2  Single Leg Longer - French  


Single Leg  Longer - French

Made for us in France this size of mild steel French Leg is designed for slate plant labels SH9 and SH16.

Made from 5mm steel rod these legs stand 76cm (so 30cm taller than their shorter cousine) from highest to lowest point and come with a curly end at the top so that the label hangs vertically. With the leg pushed into the ground it is impossible to remove the label as you can only slide it on from the bottom. (This can be a plus point for those who open their gardens to the public.)

When they arrive from France the legs are covered with varnish but we imagine this will wear off with time to leave a rustic (and rusty!) looking support for your slate labels. A desirable ambience......

Better looking than English Legs (LE1) but then at a significantly higher price so they should be.

Both legs showing in this image for comparison - no prizes for guessing which is the bigger one. Both poked into the ground approx. the same amount. Label on left is SH16, on right SH9 - both written on with white paint pen M3F.

Because of the length of the leg and thus any parcel these legs are disproportionately expensive to send in small quantities. This is the reason for the high unit price if bought in quantities less than 10. If you care to collect we will reduce the small quantity price.


Box of 10: €43.37    Individual: €14.16    

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