AT20  T Shaped Push In Aluminium Plant Label - Medium  


T Shaped Push In Aluminium Plant Label - Medium

Stem Length: -150mm/5.8in

Stem Width: -Tapered

Face Width: 78mm/3.1in

Face Height: 49mm/1.9in

New shape in March 2021

An elegant looking aluminium anodised T shaped label - 200mm long from top to bottom.

Made here in Devon from 1.5mm thick anodised aluminium which takes and holds all forms of label marking. Face size similar to a credit card but pleeease don't try one in an ATM - it won't work! If nothing else it is thicker and has a stalk!

For the avoidance of doubt AT20 is on the left and AT28 on the right in the image above.

Should last from here to eternity - so no waste disposal issue, but anyhow aluminium is eminently recyclable - think drinks cans.

This label is nearly double the the thickness (at least at the time of writing in April '21) of that of its nearest competitor. That is important given the softness and pliability of Aluminium.


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