SAH9  Second Quality - Hang On Aluminium Wide Face Plant Labels  


Second Quality - Hang On Aluminium Wide Face Plant Labels

We had a batch of these made last year using a 'new to us' process. This resulted in several hundred labels with indelible marks to the back face which we would now like to sell to you at a discount.

ALL ARE MADE FROM IDENTICAL MATERIAL TO FIRST QUALITY AH9 AND ARE THE SAME SHAPE AND SIZE. ALL HAVE ONE GOOD FACE. We are selling them on this basis and will not accept any returns because one face includes permanent marks.

Dimensions shown are to the widest point on each side.

The marking is variable - some labels being more badly affected than others. The top two rows of the photograph shows representative samples of the marks. The bottom row shows the good face.


Box of 10: £7.00    Individual: £1.00    

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