PA38  Angled Face Bed Large - 38cm Plant Labels  


Angled Face Bed Large - 38cm Plant Labels

Stem Length: 33.0 cm/13.2 in

Stem Width: 1.0 cm/0.4 in ribbed

Face Width: 10.0 cm/4.0 in

Face Height: 5.7 cm/2.25 in

The second tallest (exceeded only by the PA50) of our traditional T shaped plant labels - seen here marked with tape from the Brother Labelling Machine (our code LM) but looks equally good when written on with silver pen. (For an image of silver on black look at Plastic Hang On Wide [PH9].

The face is angled slightly upwards from the stem to facilitate reading from above.

Yellow and white versions of this label now only available in box quantities but with a 50% discount on price! You will find them on the Clearance page.

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