ZW10  Push In Zinc Wide Face Large - Wartnaby Gardens Range  


Push In Zinc Wide Face Large - Wartnaby Gardens Range

Stem Length: 14.5 cm/5.71 in

Stem Width: Tapered

Face Width: 10.2 cm/4.02 in

Face Height: 4.3 cm/1.69 in

The image shows an engraved and a blank example of the largest size of Push In Zinc label. We can supply the labels blank for you to write on , mark with acid or engrave, or we can arrange the engraving for you (see label marking page).

Timeless,traditional and extremely durable, Zinc labels have been in use as garden labels since Victorian times.

Where look and feel is important then in our opinion, Zinc labels out-perform and out-class newer materials such as Aluminium. UK made.

(NB ZW8 is simply a scaled down version of ZW10)


Box of 10: £47.50    Individual: £4.90    

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