ZW8  Push In Zinc Wide Face Small - Wartnaby Gardens Range  


Push In Zinc Wide Face Small - Wartnaby Gardens Range

Stem Length: 8.5 cm / 3.35 in

Stem Width: Tapered

Face Width: 5.8 cm / 2.28 in

Face Height: 2.4 cm / 0.94 in

A small scale version of Z1 which you can write on, engrave or etch. This shape was widely used in Victorian & Edwardian times. Timeless and classy and the right shape - more than can be said for some others which might be out there in the market. Furthermore ours are made in the UK.

To ensure your zinc labels arrive in perfect condition, most are now protected with an easy peel backing film.

NB NB NB - as of September 2021 these labels are made by a new process (to us). This means there is no longer a rib in the stem so the label is flat all over. Also the label is now made from 1.5mm pre-weathered zinc as opposed to 1.0mm for the previous version.


Box of 10: €20.65    Individual: €2.36    

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