ZH9  Hang On Zinc Wide Face - Wartnaby Gardens Range  
(February 17 new product id - old id Z3)


Hang On Zinc Wide Face - Wartnaby Gardens Range

Face Width: 8.7cm/3.5in

Face Height: 4.0cm/1.5in

* Dimensions are at widest point of the useable area so exclude the tab at the top with the 2 hanging holes.(With tab - overall height 6cm)
* We can supply blank or labels engraved to your instructions(see label marking).
* Timeless, traditional and extremely durable, Zinc labels have been in use as garden labels since the 19th century. (We understand this particular shape was widely used by Victorian and Edwardian gardeners.)
* Where look and feel are important then, in our opinion, Zinc labels out-perform and out-class newer materials such as aluminium.
* Can be tied to plant with string or wire or nailed/screwed to stake or hung from W&W legs LEW (see labelling extras)
* Just look simply wonderful - if in doubt send GBP 1.50 for a sample
* Made in Devon in the UK

As of June 2016 most of the latest batch of Z3 have two shallow hairline scratches on the back face. The front face is totally unaffected and the back face is still perfectly useable

Such is the economics and scale of this business that we cannot afford to reduce the price of these labels to reflect this very slight degradation of their condition. If you feel it might be an issue for you we will happily send you a photograph of a scratched face before you commit to buying. You can also always return the labels in their original condition for a full refund up to 30 days after purchase if you feel they are not fit for purpose.


Box of 10: £20.50    Individual: £2.35    


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