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Showa Floreo 370 Gardening Gloves

showa floreo 370 gardening gloves

A recent email from a satisfied customer

"I am a landscape designer/gardener and have been using these gloves for the last two years having discovered them at a show.  I use them nearly every day for extended periods (6/7 hours) including for some very heavy work. 

They are by far and away the best gloves I have found as they are warm, fitted and quite damp proof so long as you don't immerse your hand in water! The best thing about them is they fit snug to your skin so there is none of this floppping about on your hand.

You can perform minute tasks such as pricking out with no problem whereas usually you would have to take your gloves off.  I wore the same pair for nearly a year before I was abit overzealous and the finger tips started to wear through. I wash them regularly. 

The only note of caution I would issue is to sufferers of latex allergy.  The ones with a cotton liner are best in this case."


Phillipa S******s. Derbyshire

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